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Converting the attic into living space can be a great way to get more from your home. Depending on the layout, the attic can be renovated into different types of living spaces. It can become an extra bedroom or master suite. It can be a play area for the children. It can also become a home office. We will discuss some of the key factors in successfully transforming the attic space.


Any existing windows in the attic should function properly and keep drafts out. If the space will be used often, you will want to have attractive windows that do their job in keeping the elements out.


The attic temperature should be maintained at around 68 degrees F. Most homeowners will be able to use an existing heating and cooling system to keep the attic space cozy. If you’re not sure if using the space will violate certain codes, you can visit your local city office and get details about turning the attic into living space. You should always focus on maintaining a safe environment when considering an attic renovation.

Attic Renovation Possibilities

When the other details have been taken care, its time to figure out what you can do with the space. Some renovations may simply require a couple coats of paint on the walls, some attractive and comfortable area rugs, and the right furniture. Other jobs are more involved and will require some construction.

Extra Bedroom

The most popular attic conversion is making it into an additional bedroom. This can increase the home’s value if done properly. An attic makes a perfect room for children, as they can more easily move around to accommodate the angled ceilings.

Turning an attic into a room for pre-teens and teens is a great way to give them needed space. They will appreciate the privacy. When kids finally leave the house, the attic room can be turned into guest quarters or a functional space, like a home office.

Recreation area

If extra bedroom space is not needed, the attic can become a recreation room where everyone likes to hang out. A home theater may also fit in the attic, depending on how much space is available. You will need to use plenty of insulation and padded carpet for soundproofing. The inviting feel of an attic room can make it suitable for kids to have a sleepover or for movie nights.

Walk-in closet

If the home needs more storage space or room for clothing, the attic can be converted into a walk-in closet. This type of renovation is fairly simple and inexpensive. You will need hanging storage shelves, a bar for hanging clothing, and some drawers.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Renovating the attic into additional living space is an excellent way to get more usable space and more function. It can also increase the value of your home, as long as it meets local code requirements and is designed using the right construction or building materials.

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