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Door Installation Perth Tips 

Installing a door can be quick and easy, whether you are simply replacing an old or distressed door, or redecorating a room from scratch. Such projects require only a handful of tools, and if you do not already own them, they can be rented without much difficulty.  


Get started with the steps outlined below to learn how to do the best door installation Perth homeowners can complete:  

Step 1 – Purchase a Door 

Your first step should be to buy a door that roughly fits the opening in the wall. Door openings and the doors themselves typically come in standard sizes, which are usually around 24 to 36 inches. The door’s frame and rough opening are almost always around two inches wider than any door you would purchase, but this does not include the door jamb. This differential is present to allow for adjustment so that you can achieve plumb level when the door is installed.  

Step 2 – Begin by Straightening Things Out 

After you have purchased a new door, draw a plumb line on the wall. To do this you must measure 1/2 inch in from the rough door opening on the hinge side. Use a four foot or six foot level to draw a line on the drywall. A laser level can also be used, which may be more accurate and easier than a traditional model.  

Step 3 – Attaching Brackets 

There should be a total of six brackets on the wood frame to which the door is pre-attached. Attach the six brackets to the outside of the jamb. The three remaining brackets should be attached to the other side of the jamb. The first should be attached eight inches from the top, followed by one attached immediately over the latch stop. Finally, the last bracket should be attached eight inches from the door’s bottom. 

Position the door in the opening on top of shims or blocks. If you plan to install laminate flooring, place 1/4 inch blocks under the door. If you are planning on hardwood flooring or carpet, place 1/2 inch blocks under the door. Never position the door directly on top of a floor that has not yet been finished.  

How to Attach Brackets 

Using the plumb line you made on the drywall as reference, screw the top bracket on to the door’s hinged side. After this has been accomplished, screw in the remaining brackets using the same reference mark you used for the first. 

The gap between the door jamb and the door is called the reveal, and you must check this to make sure that the door is level. Begin at the top and check this while screwing in the brackets. If you do so, the door should be perfectly hung, thus allowing you to remove the blocks underneath.  

Step 4 – Installing the Casing 

Once the door is installed, you must install the casing. This is also called the trim, and it hides certain parts of the hinges, as well as the joints. When it is installed correctly, it will also perfectly conceal the brackets used to install the door. Select casing that complements the type of door you purchased, and cut it to suit your preference.

Door Installation Perth


It is important to know how to properly conduct research on how to complete the best door installation Perth homeowners can achieve. This is true whether you plan to hire a professional or complete the project as a DIY activity.


Door installation can be complicated, so you must first make sure you have the appropriate tools to drill, cut, measure and fasten hinges and other devices. 

If you decide to have a professional complete the project, make sure you choose the best person for the job. Hiring a company merely because their prices are cheap does not always pay off in the end. Rather, you may end up having to pay to have substandard work redone.  


Choosing the Best Installer 

Make sure you hire a person who is qualified and experienced. Always do business with a company that promises to be held accountable for their work. In addition, you should make sure they are able to offer comprehensive installation services, from trimming and measuring, to drilling holes for deadlocks and handles. 

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