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Dating back to 1947, in Australian homes, Gyprock has been the leading plasterboard. Gyprock supports builders, installers, design professionals, architects. designers and industry professionals.

Plasterboard – Just How Is It Made?

In other areas of the world, plasterboard is commonly known as ‘drywall’. A machine is put to use to manufacture it. It is also sometimes known as gypsum panel, gypsum board, sheetrock and wallboard. So what exactly is Gyprock made of? The basic and most direct answer is calcium sulfate dehydrate. There are times that additives are in the production of Gyprock, but very often it is pure. In most instances, the Gyprock board will be pressed between a backer and a facer that are typically sheets of paper which are thick. It is in construction of interior walls and ceilings that Gyprock is put to use.

It is to the Australian AS2588 standard that Gyprock is manufactured in Australia. Two specific ranges have been created by Gyprock. It is for use in non-specialist walls that the professionals recommend these, as well as a specialty option being provided with specified performance levels.

Gyprock Plasterboard And The Advantages Of Using It

For your home, you have devised the perfect plan and to get the best quality building supplies to fulfill your needs, you already know where to go. The next thought is that all-important one – Just how can you go about making your office or home stand apart from all the others? Furnishing their interior walls is the most challenging part for most owners. Once, from external elements after construction your home is considered to be safe, you can get started on the internal spaces by selecting building supplies that are suitable for internal wall coverings or wall linings.

Just What Is Gyprock And Why Does It Count?

Used to make Gyprock is Gypsum plaster. Calcium sulphate dehydrate is a compound which it contains and that is responsible for the majority of it’s desirable properties. The Gyprock process of manufacturing involves the Gypsum plaster being pressed between two fiberglass sheets and then in a kiln drying it. Also known as drywall, gypsum board or plasterboard, in Australia Gyprock is one of the truly popular materials for interior walls and ceilings because it requires less labor than traditional techniques, as well as less drying time.

Gyprock Plasterboard And Some Of Its Benefits

Gyprock requires less labor than other methods, is less expensive and faster to install.
Compared with other techniques, Gyprock plasterboard is far more common making it simpler in Australia to get the best materials at the best prices.
To a variety of surfaces including masonry, timber framing and even metals, Gyprock plasterboard is easily applied.
It is easily customized and cut to the owner’s specifications.

You will need to keep some important factors in mind to make certain you get the most from your Gyprock plasterboard. Take a look now at some:

On the outside corners, make certain there is no tapered edge.
Be certain to check studs and blocking.
Before fastening the plasterboard to the framing, accurately
trim all the openings.
Try to leave a gap at the edges about 1/8 inch and not go for an exact fit.
To minimize the number of joints, try to use the largest and longest sheets.

For every room in your home, there are Gyprock solutions available. The bottom line is that Gyprock is the product you can put your trust into.

For your peace of mind and security, our professional team is standing by to take care of all your Gyprock installations. Our prices are very competitive and we are fully insured. Get in touch with us today to address your Gyprock installation needs!

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