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Custom built timber pergolas for your Perth home. Built by a fully qualified carpenter with over 27 years experience.
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Breezebay Carpentry Services can design and build patio and pergolas as an addition to your existing roof space or as a stand-alone structure.  We can use a variety of different building materials including timber and steel to create a functional and stylish extension to your living and recreational areas.

Council Approval For Pergolas

We assist you to gain council and planning permission to build your patio and all of our work is guaranteed.

Outdoor Pergolas Make the Perfect Outdoor Area

Below is an image of an outdoor timber pergola built by Breezebay Carpentry. We also built the deck under it. This type of pergola is ideal for running grape vines along and makes for a great outdoor entertainment area.

timber pergola

This type of outdoor pergola allows the sun in during winter and can be covered with shade cloth in the warmer summer months.

Grape vines make an ideal natural solution as they loose leaves in winter to let sunlight in and create ample shade in summer.

What’s the Difference Between a Patio and a Pergola?

Good question. Generally speaking, a pergola is considered more often to be a feature of the backyard while a patio is considered to be an extension of the home. Pergolas were originally used to describe a structure for vines and plants to grow on. A patio was considered an extension of the home. So while there is some crossover in definition, essentially both are structures with different purposes.

So while there is some crossover in definition, essentially both are structures with different purposes. We build both patios and pergolas at Breezebay Carpentry and can happily provide you with a quote today.

A Frame Pergolas

Here is an A-frame patio structure built by Breezebay Carpentry. The A-frame structure creates a feeling of space and is an ideal extension of your home.

A Frame Pergola

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Some More Pictures of our Timber Pergolas:

Pergola-without-roof-sheeting Custom-Timber-Pergola-Contruction-part-1 Timber-Pergola-free-standing-angle-from-house  Timber-Pergola-angle-from-above-facing-house timber-patio patio-from-backyard-without-roof-sheeting Patio-with-roofing

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