Tips in Constructing Timber Stairs 

When a designer is planning the space where the home stairs are going to be placed, the stairs are often redesigned several times before they are actually built. Not only do the stairs need to be located in the appropriate area of the house, they need to be safe and comfortable for the people using them.

Before you and your designer begin the construction and installation process, you should make sure that the design is up to the latest building codes in Australia.

If you want to be sure that your stairs are designed and constructed for style, comfort, and safety, there are a few tips that you should follow.


The location of your staircase would depend on your specific requirements, however, most stairs are centrally located so that they are close to the main entrance as well as the main living area. Putting the stairs in this area would save the residents travel time around the home and it can also provide privacy to other areas of the home.

Space and Design

A staircase can take up a good amount of space in the home. When the stairs are being designed, you would need to factor in the circulation space around the staircase. The average staircase would require a minimum width of 1.1 meters and a minimum height of 3.5 meters long. It is not uncommon to see larger staircases in Australian homes that can be up to 1.4 meters wide and 5.9 meters long. It is very important that your stair dimensions are included in your floor plan.

It is important to avoid designing a staircase that is narrower than 880mm wide after the plasterboard has been put up on the walls. While Australian standards for stairs allows narrow stairs, they can be uncomfortable to use. This is especially true if you are going to install a handrail or winders.

If space is an issue that you are concerned about, you can have a staircase designed that provides storage underneath. This is a common staircase design so that there is no wasted space in the home.

Timber Stairs

Before you and your designer begin the construction and installation process, you should make sure that the design is up to the latest building codes in Australia.

If you have no choice but to put your staircase in the main areas of the home, the ceiling would need to be at least 2.4 meters high. Other than the ceiling height, there are a few other tips that you should know.

  • Use the underside of our staircase as a lighting bulkhead.
  • ¬†Only 2/3 of the livable area would need to have a ceiling height of 2.4 meters. The rest can be lowered. You should first check the latest BCA requirements.
  • The bathroom is not considered a habitable space. It can have ceilings as low as 2.1 meters high. You should still check the latest BCA requirements.
  • Be sure that the finished underside of the staircase is no less than 2 meters off the finished floor level near the doorway.

Different Types of Staircases

Before you have your stairs designed, you should know what types of staircases are available.

Floating/Open Stairs

If you choose an open plan floating staircase, it can be the focal point of the area. Also, these staircases allow natural light to flood through the rooms and the hallway. In many cases, stairs with floating treads have hidden structures that will give the impression that the treads are floating.

You can combine floating, open staircases with glass to provide additional safety and support. This might not be a possibility in all houses, however, if it is possible, the final result will make the home look more modern and incredible.

Traditional Stairs

A modern staircase that includes steel and glass won’t work in many established homes. We have found a way to modify and refurbish existing staircases in Perth so that we can help you breathe new life into your home.

Just because they are called traditional staircases, it doesn’t mean that they are traditional in the boring sense. Handcrafted timber treads can be added to create a unique, modern, and functional staircase.

Modern Staircase

A modern staircase is classified as on that uses materials and designs that are not found in the traditional mold. Modern stairs are designed with the layout of the home in mind while paying special attention to the look and feel of the stairs and the home as a whole.

At Breezebay Carpentry, we enjoy a challenge and we can help any Perth homeowner have the staircase of their dream. Whether you are looking for traditional timber flooring or a funky staircase, we can accommodate your taste.

Timber Stairs

If the stairs are located in the wrong area of the house, it can cause issues. For example, if the stairs are located in a bad area of the home, the users would need to spend more time getting to the stairs so that they can get to the home’s upper level.

Timber Stairs

A timber staircase can add style and warmth to the house. The stairs can make the home look spacious and classic and it can be the functional focal point of your home. We can either fit the timber stairs over existing concrete or they can be made to suit.

You should also understand that just because you have timber stairs, you aren’t required to install timber floors. We are a reputable distributor of timber flooring supplies in Perth. Over the years, we have paired timber stairs with carpet and other types of flooring.

The main benefits of timber stairs are that they always look beautiful and they look great in any style home. These stairs work out great in the Perth environment.

Overall, there are many options for you to choose from. The only limitations you have are in your imagination. For information on styles and materials, don’t hesitate to give us a call.