Different Types Of Balustrading

Take a look at the brief guide that follows which will be of great value to you if you are seeking to buy balustrading for your residence.

What Is A Balustrade?

A fall prevention barrier is what a balustrade is and it has to be provided alongside any ramp or stairway, hallway, corridor, floor, veranda, balcony, path or mezzanine to a building should it not be have a wall bounding it or any level more than 1 m above finished ground level or adjoining floor. Balustrades can and will help provide protection from accidents occurring.

Balustrades are a popular choice in revamping the aesthetic appeal of a home, making it so important you have a sound knowledge of just what is available in the marketplace today.

In the most basic terms, posts connecting the railings of a stairway with each other are what balustrades are. The general rule is that on its open side, they are meant to be installed within a balcony or staircase.

You can take a look below at some of the commonly preferred options that are available to you to pick the one most suitable for your needs:


If you are seeking to buy balustrading for your residence, make sure to choose the best type for your home.


The most common of the lot are wooden balustrades and as opposed to commercial properties, they are used more in residential ones. They are available in a wide range of designs and you can have them produced according to your specific requirements.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel options are the second most in demand, according to various Western Australia balustrade experts. They are attractive and durable and are available in a wide range of design options, some featuring filigree shapes and designs.


Chic appeal to a stairway without blocking any views make this a popular choice in balustrades. This choice does not require extensive maintenance and it is also relatively inexpensive. Regular dusting is however essential to maintaining a positive appearance.


The least expensive choice of all is vinyl balustrading and if properly maintained, it will provide service for a long time. To maintain its shiny appearance, it just needs to be regularly rubbed down.

Now, at least you have some idea of the different options available to you to select among.


Balustrades can and will help provide protection from accidents occurring.

What is the best option?

There are a number of reasons glass balustrades are a great choice to be made. Probably the most important one is that no views are lost when they are used. This is so important to so many who are always interested in seeing all that is around them. Another great advantage is that they are available in a wide range of different textures and colors.

Still another great advantage of glass balustrades is that they are indeed very safe. The tempered, thick safety glass put to use is very difficult to break. This makes them a great choice in particular when children are in the area.

Another great advantage of glass balustrades is that they are extremely durable and low maintenance. You can maintain them simply by using a mild detergent to get the job done.

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