Wall Construction

Constructing a stud wall is a neat way to partition the space in your apartment and set aside rooms for new functions. A stud wall can be made from a timber frame which has plasterboards screwed or nailed over the top.

A stud is the vertical framing member that acts as a wall or a partition. Wall studs are an essential component of the frame and are usually made from wood. Steel studs are also a popular framing technique. They come in handy where non-load bearing walls and firewalls are needed.

Studs can be used to support vertical structural loads or can be part of a non-load bearing partition wall. The studs are sandwiched between the upper and lower plates and should be equally spaced. Spacing is determined by aspects such as the size and spanning properties of the cladding materials.

Historically, studs were secured to the plates by a hammer and nails. Nowadays, modern techniques of fastening include the use of screw fasteners, clips, and ties. Fastening offers resistance to both wind and seismic shocks.

Timber is the preferred stud-making material. It’s lightweight, adaptable and combines well with a variety of materials to deliver the intended finish. However, the timber studs ought to be made from polished material to guarantee walls with a constant thickness.

It’s also important to ensure that the timber studs are completely dry during installing. Wet timber is prone to twisting and shrinking as it dries out. Once dry, the timber studs should be stored in a safe and dry place to prevent them from dampening.

Wall Construction

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Other Usage

Apart from wall construction, studs can also be used to hold windows, doors, interior finishes and other utilities in place. Studs can also be boxed together to form wall intersections, headers, sills as well as interior, and exterior corners. Because stud walls are typically hollow, they provide an excellent place to conceal electrical cables and other wiring systems.

Before stud wall construction begins, the builder first needs to take measurements before proceeding to buy the materials for the task. You also need an electrician on hand to drive the wires through the wall. The next step entails decorating your stud walls to match your interior decor.

Experienced builders know how to go about stud wall construction. The builder ought to carefully consider the positioning of sockets and switches for convenience purposes. The ultimate goal is to build a wall that is strong while remaining soundproof.

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