Which Decking Style Should You Choose For Your Perth Home?

When you think about a wonderful outdoor addition to your home, consider putting in a deck. It will bring in some dimension to your yard, as well as transform how it will be used. This is sure to be an investment that increased the property value of your house, as well as the quality of your life.

Finding the Ideal Material

Here is a basic guide that will assist you when it comes to choosing the best decking materials for your needs.

Natural Wood

Timber decking is both incredibly durable and attractive. This is especially the case when it has been well maintained. It is worthwhile to invest in a high-quality timber that will accentuate your home in a beautiful way.

Natural wood is a good choice for property that is located in a wet climate. It also is ideal for those that have pools. This is because the wood absorbs some water and creates a safer non-slip surface.

Decking Style

Decking is a sure investment that will increase the property value of your house, as well as the quality of your life.


Composite decking is an excellent alternative to natural wood. One reason is that it is environmentally friendly. This type of decking is also lightweight and stain resistant.

Composite is low maintenance since it is comprised of recycled plastic and wood fibers. This means that it does not splinter or rot as easily as other materials.

PVC or Synthetic

This is also called “wood plastic”. The synthetic material makes a good alternative for homeowners who would like to have a deck that is extremely low maintenance. They are designed to be stain resistant, as well as resistant to mildew and scratches.

This decking material is lighter than the majority of hardwood timbers. For this reason, it presents less of a strain for the DIY homeowner. Although they are easier to clean and are reasonably priced, they are not as long-lasting. People who would like something that is more sustainable would prefer the eco brands that are on the market today.


Bamboo is a great choice for people who would like to uphold standards for the sustainability of rainforest hardwoods.

Bamboo is highly sustainable because it grows fast. This means that it is easier to harvest. Be sure that you select the bamboo carefully since it will have to be treated properly in order to maintain its durability and strength.


A deck that has been designed from aluminum or another type of metal is a wonderful option. People who have their homes near dense bushland especially like it for the fact that it is not a fire accelerant. It requires only a small amount of maintenance and is quite weather resistant.

Since it can be extremely slippery when it gets wet, use metal for decks that are in an extended outdoor area, rather than beside a pool. Be careful, as it becomes hot in the sun.

Outdoor Area With Decking from Side

If any of your neighbors or friends have had a deck built in the recent past, talk to them about their experiences.

Make Plans

  • Be sure that you understand the scope of your deck project before you reach out to a professional.
  • Check Out Reviews and Licensing
  • If any of your neighbors or friends have had a deck built in the recent past, talk to them about their experiences. If you can find someone who will recommend a contractor, this is your best bet.

Decking Installers in Perth

  • Once you have a list of some contractors, have two or three of them visit the site. Then, request a written estimate of the costs involved.
  • It can be difficult to sift through decking installers in Perth. Know that doing this research now is sure to lead to a successful outcome.

If you have decided which decking style you want to be installed in your home and want more info from a certified decking installers in Perth, contact us today.